& Reporting

Customized to Meet Your Unique Needs

Research and Report Services

News Exposure assists with the setup, execution and maintenance of in-depth searches covering broadcast, print, online and social media content to meet your needs. Our staff also facilitates the vetting and editing of regularly scheduled media reports to ensure that you receive the exact content you have requested.

Custom-Tailored, Human-Vetted Reports

With our user-friendly software, you can search your media coverage, view market rankings, metrics, save and edit clips to your portal, create reports with simple charts, email clips to yourself, co-workers or your clients, or export reports to an Excel file. All content in your portal is archived permanently.

Filter the coverage you wish to view by date, time, media folders, specific markets, time frames or keywords. You can also search for specific programs on particular dates to watch an entire program or view the entire closed-captioning transcript.

Let our expert staff confirm that your research and reporting are relevant to your requirements, meet your specific criteria and are free from redundancy.

Automated Metrics

  • All coverage, including print, broadcast, Web and social media
  • Media source, volume, audience type and numbers, and DMA location
  • Report delivery via HTML email, PDF, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint

Customized Metrics

  • All coverage, including print, broadcast, Web and social media
  • Human-vetted metrics such as sentiment, share of voice, main message, prominence, and quality ranking
  • Commentary and full-color PowerPoint charts for C-level executive reports
  • Daily, weekly or monthly reports
  • Report delivery via Word doc, PDF, HTML email, PowerPoint or Excel spreadsheet

“We’ve worked with several different news monitoring services through the years — none of them deliver the high level of customer service that News Exposure does. Our News Exposure rep is a true extension of our agency, helping us to stay on top of the news so that we can be extremely proactive and responsive to our clients. We don’t know what we’d do without her!”

Kristy Jozwiak & Angela Menninger, Co-Founders
Duality Public Relations