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We monitor every DMA and all major national and cable networks in the U.S.


We can help you monitor your brand’s coverage overseas.

We’re Watching Out for You

Television, once called a “vast wasteland,” is anything but that if what you observe is transformed into actionable marketing strategies. That is our goal when monitoring media coverage of your company or the company that your PR firm is representing. News Exposure records and monitors all 210 television markets (DMAs) in the U.S. (1,200+ channels, including national networks, cable channels, local markets, and online streams), and more than 150 major U.S. radio markets (500+ stations). We record and monitor thousands of hours of broadcast and cable news daily.

These TV and radio monitoring services are designed to keep you aware of what is being said about your company, where and by whom. The information gleaned through our TV news monitoring service provides you with the best opportunity to respond in a manner that protects your brand. For example, crisis management can be better scaled and targeted when you know the scope of what is being reported. Criticisms or reviews of your products can help you decide on product improvements that lead to more sales. Performing a competitor analysis is easier, as well, when monitoring coverage of your industry as a whole.

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“I have used News Exposure for many years through my agency, Page One Public Relations. They have always been quick, helpful and reliable. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a media monitoring service.”

Megan Martin, Owner
Page One Public Relations