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Getting More Complete Results …

News Exposure provides robust and comprehensive TV and radio broadcast monitoring, Internet monitoring, LexisNexis/print monitoring, media intelligence and PR analysis. We also offer a media contacts database solution. News Exposure provides reports (including Nielsen audience numbers and Nielsen Radio numbers), TV clips, radio clips and Internet clips, as well as transcripts in Spanish, English and other languages.

… By Doing It More Completely

News Exposure has created an exclusive niche in the industry by maintaining a permanent HD archive that dates back to 1984. This includes national and cable networks as well as syndicated and local market coverage.

News Exposure maintains the highest quality and most complete audio and video archive library so that we can provide you with clips that aired just minutes or even years ago.

News Exposure is the leader in Spanish language broadcast monitoring, providing the widest local and national coverage available.

Our Certifications

We are members of the following associations:


Public Relations Society of America is the nation’s largest professional organization serving the communications industry. The PRSA mission is to “make communications professionals smarter, better prepared and more connected through all stages of their careers.”


Publicity Club of Chicago comprises inspired professionals who make up one of the nation’s largest independent public relations membership organizations. This group includes PR, marketing and communications professionals throughout the metropolitan region.

Our Story in Brief

David Lasker, a well-known Chicago video journalist, founded Nationwide News Monitors (NNM) in 2000. In 2003, NNM joined a worldwide network of news monitoring services, pooling their data into one searchable database, to compete globally. In 2004, David saw the need to create a permanent archive of all recorded content. With the cost of recordable DVDs dropping in price, this became affordable and gave NNM a huge advantage in the monitoring industry.

David then created News Exposure in 2011 to pick up where NNM left off and to add another first to the monitoring industry — a permanent high-definition (HD) television content library (begun in November 2010). Again, David had brought a new exclusive niche to the industry.

News Exposure grew rapidly in 2013 after establishing a research department that included hand-logging news broadcasts, and again in 2014 after hiring several key industry veterans from Cision, Multivision, and VMS. News Exposure has grown from one employee in 2011 to more than 30 employees in 2018 and is represented by customer service reps in every U.S. time zone.