Customized Measurement Solutions

What Is the Impact of Your Media Mentions?

There is a school of thought that says all publicity is good, but those in the know understand that is not necessarily true. If your organization broadcasts a message that does not reach its intended target, it can be just as disadvantageous as saying nothing at all. This is why so many enterprises across a spectrum of industries turn to News Exposure for comprehensive media data analysis.


Our team combs through any and all communication relevant to your business in order to present credible brand reputation research that will help you make the most informed decisions. Whether you want to properly structure a new product launch or determine the most appropriate marketing spend, the brand reputation analysis provides you with valuable insight to achieve your directive.

As a well-respected news monitoring and media analysis company, we track and measure your brand, your competitors, and industry topics and trends across all news media — including TV, radio, print, online and social media. Applying both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to your earned media, we measure your impressions and their media sources to arrive at a metric that reveals the value of each story.

Our monitoring and analysis services can give you critical insights you can use to craft and hone your messaging. When you have a stronger understanding of what resonates with your intended audience (and what is ignored), you can focus on what works and jettison what doesn’t. These services also give you the opportunity to change your message on the fly to better adapt to changes in the marketplace or your core demographics.

We do more than just give you a general impression of your company’s perception in the media — we provide concrete, actionable intelligence that you can use right away, to lay the foundation for your future strategies. We deliver these insights with speed, professionalism and a commitment to customer service that are unmatched in the industry.


There is more to media content analysis than automated quantitative metrics. We want to know what you need to know so you receive results that are uniquely valuable to your business or organization. While reporting any mention about your brand has its value, we feel that supplying the following information is extremely beneficial:

  • In what type of media, TV or radio station, or print publication does your coverage appear?
  • How often do your brand, company or personnel appear in the media?
  • Is your coverage national, regional or local?
  • How well is your brand positioned in the media vs. that of your competitors?
  • What percentage of coverage, or share of voice, does your brand’s advertising have on diverse media sources?

What else do you want to know? The talented, knowledgeable team at News Exposure is uniquely qualified to enhance your automated results with an analysis of the accuracy and relevancy of the outcome. Regardless of your time frame or budget, we will craft a custom media monitoring and analysis solution that provides exactly the insights you need to analyze your communications results and verify your return on investment.