Stay on Top of the Situation

The Need for PR Crisis Management

When a PR crisis involving your business or organization occurs, you need to respond as quickly as possible, no matter how far away from headquarters it happened. How can you do that without knowing what is being said in the local media? That’s where News Exposure comes in. We monitor broadcast, print and online media throughout the country so you are aware of exactly what is being reported — where and when — so you know how to respond.

Providing Immediate PR Crisis Monitoring

Our fully trained staff is available anytime — day or night, weekdays and weekends — to assist with crisis media monitoring. We understand the need for PR crisis monitoring to begin immediately, so we activate monitoring within moments of the occurrence and get you set up quickly so you receive reports, video, audio, and articles in near real-time. Our hands-on staff become a vital part of your team throughout the crisis.

As media experts, News Exposure helps you get precisely what you need quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to ensure you get a handle on the scope of the coverage as it unfolds, so you can manage your crisis in the best and most expeditious way possible.