Crisis Management & Reputation Monitoring Services

Stay on Top of the Situation


It can be argued that there’s no longer such a thing as a small PR crisis. With technology providing instantaneous worldwide connectivity — including via mostly unfiltered social media — any negative news about your company can spread at warp speed. Rumors can gain just as much traction as legitimate news, and even if proven untrue later, your brand may have sustained some damage.

When a PR crisis involving your business or organization occurs, you need to respond as quickly as possible, no matter how far away from headquarters it happened. How can you do that without knowing what is being said in the media? That’s where News Exposure comes in. We monitor broadcast, print, local, online and social media throughout the country so you are aware of exactly what is being reported — where and when — so you know how to respond. Our capabilities enable you to react to a crisis as quickly as possible, putting your emergency management strategy to work right away before the narrative gets away from you.

Providing Immediate PR Crisis Monitoring

Our fully trained staff is available anytime — day or night, weekdays and weekends — to assist with crisis media monitoring. We understand the need for monitoring to begin immediately, so we activate monitoring within moments of the occurrence and get you set up quickly so you receive reports, video, audio and articles in near real-time. Our hands-on staff becomes a vital part of your team throughout the crisis. We take a close look at all media sources to find any and all references to your brand and/or the particular situation that demands your attention. We will provide you with detailed reports that give you a clear picture of what’s being said about your company and about the incident so you know exactly how to respond.

Proactive companies may have a media crisis management team and plan in place, but knowing what’s being said and where is central to how to respond to a specific crisis. As media experts, News Exposure helps you get precisely what you need quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to ensure you get a handle on the scope of the coverage as it unfolds, so you can manage your crisis in the best and most expeditious way possible.


The real value of monitoring various media channels is that it provides actionable information. If your reputation is being attacked on social media, for instance, the right social media crisis management strategy might be to communicate your response directly to your customers through the same channels instead of through traditional media. Other online crisis management actions to take might include:

  • Using specific keywords that positively influence the position of your response among search results, ahead of negative reports
  • Modifying your messaging as needed as you monitor metrics to determine whether your initial response is helping

These are just a few examples of the many response strategies you might utilize based on the results of our monitoring efforts.


At News Exposure, we understand that your company’s reputation can also be impacted by how it responds to a crisis. That’s why our services focus on providing quick and actionable information. There’s too much at stake to be caught unprepared. Outsourcing these services means you don’t have to devote your team’s valuable time and other resources to keeping an eye on the news. Our experts will comb through all the relevant sources for you, leaving you free to concentrate on honing your response and continuing to serve your customers. Contact us to learn more about how we can help when a PR crisis hits.