Stay on Top of Your Coverage
Wherever It Appears

TV Monitoring

We record and monitor all 210 television markets (Designated Marketing Areas or DMAs) in the U.S., including national networks, cable channels and local markets. We can put together clips and video packages so you can find out how your brand is perceived in each market as well as at large.

Print Monitoring

We monitor a wide range of print media and have an in-house clipping service, so you get comprehensive, relevant and accurate results quickly. This gives you the ability to hone your message in the most effective way.

Radio Monitoring

We monitor more than 2,000 radio stations across the U.S. and provide reports that include Nielsen Radio numbers and Publicity Values. We know the industry better than anyone else, and we have the tools necessary to locate and pull the coverage that matters most to you.

Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring social media platforms lets you learn what people are saying about your organization and brand. We give you the information you need to reach out and connect with your customers in the most responsive and effective way possible.

Online Monitoring

News Exposure is watching and monitoring online news, websites and blogs to ensure we capture the crucial information you need. We have the resources and capabilities to help you stay in front of the instantaneous nature of the Internet.


Media monitoring of news reports and a wide range of other types of information makes you aware of what is being talked about in your industry and what people are saying about your business or organization. When you use our news monitoring services to keep you informed about what is out there, you can deal with a crisis, protect or defend your reputation if necessary and assess the effectiveness of your communication strategy.

It’s also beneficial to know that media tracking services aren’t only about responding to hard news — these services can be invaluable for your marketing operation and brand-related strategizing. For example, what’s being said about your products or your company on social media? The information you glean from our brand monitoring services can help you improve your products and services, create targeted marketing campaigns, discover market trends and monitor your competition.

Why Work with News Exposure?

News Exposure performs print, Internet, social media and broadcast monitoring services and provides metrics that allow our clients to see the impact of their media coverage while capturing all relevant mentions. Let a top media monitoring services team that knows the media industry better than anyone else assist you. Our professionals will provide you with the tools you need to stay on top of your media coverage.

“News Exposure’s customer service is outstanding. The team fulfills our requests in a timely fashion. They are great at capturing all of our media hits and make clipping and downloading videos a breeze.”

Vincent Pierri, Senior Manager, PR, Corporate Communications