Access to Over 1.5 Million Contacts

Our Database Saves You Time

Get quick access to over one million valuable media contacts — all in one place! Our regularly updated database provides the names and contact profiles of journalists and media influencers that allow you to reach thousands of newspapers, broadcast outlets, websites and trade publications. Our global database also includes freelancers, bloggers and other influencers, as well as editorial opportunities (Ed Cals) and trade shows.

Build custom lists by filtering results in a number of different ways. This allows you to easily distribute your communications to only the most relevant people and media outlets. Then, save your targeted search criteria so you can update your lists over time.

News Exposure’s Unique Features

Our reliable, accurate media contact database allows you to enhance your connections, target the right people and publications, and identify additional areas for coverage. Features include:

  • Time-stamped quarterly updates
  • Flat-rate solutions
  • Premium contact profiles
  • Unique star rating for social media influencers
  • Press release distribution
  • Editorial calendars

News Exposure’s media contact service provides the perfect opportunity to enhance your media relationships while simultaneously improving your brand’s image.