Serving Diverse Market Sectors

Monitoring Media for Many Industries

News Exposure monitors and tracks media for clients operating in various market segments, including:

PR Firms

PR agencies of all sizes rely on News Exposure, whether it’s campaign/project based or on an ongoing basis, we deliver fast and efficient results for our clients. We understand the agency landscape and we get the sense of urgency (e.g. crisis communications), and combined with our experience and superior customer support team, we’re a trusted partner.

Data and IT

We keep data and IT professionals aware of the latest information regarding business intelligence and security risks so they can protect their clients’ personal and business information.


Public and private school administrators require alerts about media mentions so they can strategize and respond to relevant stories.


Public officials and politicians require comprehensive monitoring and measurement services in the form of daily news briefings so they can track and analyze relevant information before making decisions.


This highly regulated and competitive industry requires as much knowledge as possible so administrators can quickly respond to medical developments and assess the competition’s PR coverage.


Banks, credit unions and other financial institutions are particularly interested in media monitoring as they try to gain a competitive advantage, evaluate customer service and manage their reputations.


Media monitoring and measurement provide valuable information to help retailers create strategic marketing campaigns, analyze their competition, manage PR crises and increase sales.

Oil and Gas

We monitor breaking news about energy industry regulations, fuel production and the availability of supplies so administrators in the oil and gas sector can make decisions and maximize operations.


Pharma and biotech executives need to monitor, measure and report critical information as it happens so they can track government regulations, stock prices and public opinion about their brand.