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Radio Broadcast Monitoring Solutions

At News Exposure, we record and archive radio broadcasts in more than 150 major radio markets in the U.S. (500+ stations) and provide Nielsen Radio Data (formerly Arbitron) and Publicity Values from those stations. From local to national and syndicated radio, we have the tools and resources in place to monitor and retrieve the radio coverage that is important to you.

When you work with News Exposure, you get relevant broadcast monitoring results from more stations. We know the radio industry better than anyone else, and we provide you with the radio clips you need to stay on top of your radio coverage — from anywhere across the country, at any time. Find out what’s being said about you as we monitor radio program after radio program on virtually every station in the U.S. so you can alert others in your company and respond appropriately.


Why Radio Broadcast Monitoring Is Important

Radio industry news segments are a vital part of how people get their news during the day, particularly during the morning and evening drive times. While TV or the Internet may be more popular, radio monitoring is a great way to round out the collection of your media coverage. News Exposure will inform you of every mention of your company or organization on radio broadcasts from coast to coast and share relevant radio clips.

We also provide valuable context for the coverage you receive. You’ll see listenership data so you’ll know the full value of what is being said about your brand and how it may impact listeners. We make it easy to comb through all the relevant data, so you can see for yourself the ROI your marketing efforts are yielding. All you need to do is check in and find the latest updates collated from thousands of hours of content pulled in from across the country. Our services give you the most complete picture of how your company and brand are being discussed in a wide range of contexts.

What Makes News Exposure Unique?

At News Exposure, our radio monitoring service incorporates features that differentiate us from other companies in our industry. When you work with us, you enjoy:

  • Radio listenership/Nielsen Radio numbers
  • More FM radio monitoring than any other monitoring service
  • Do-it-Yourself (DIY) and Done-for-You (DFY) options
  • Preview links that are permanently active
  • Permanent radio archive library dating back to 2010 *

* Offered in select markets

For the most relevant radio clips in the industry, connect with News Exposure today. When it comes to radio broadcast monitoring, we’re all ears!