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Digital Monitoring Services

News Exposure continually keeps all eyes and ears tuned to what is being said about your brand online. Why rely on Google Alerts, which provides you with a limited number of results, when you can receive results from 50,000+ Web pages, articles, blogs, podcasts and more from News Exposure?

We monitor online content from local, national and global Internet news sites so you can view, save, share and respond to the online news about your brand and your competitors. Get alerts as the news happens, view the original story directly, and effectively manage your online clippings. We know that manual brand monitoring online can be extremely time-consuming, so we offer you a Done-for-You (DFY) digital monitoring option that lets us do the work for you!

Why Digital Media Monitoring Is Important

People obtain their public information from diverse media sources; however, there is no disputing that online content continues to grow quickly as a news source. In fact, today approximately 93 percent of all adults get at least some news online.* No one can keep track of the 24/7 online news cycle alone — there are too many platforms and a constant barrage of updates. Our online reputation monitoring services are the solution. The sophisticated, automated system offered by News Exposure is the optimal way to track your relevant online media mentions.



What Makes News Exposure Different?

Our online media monitoring services offer a set of unique features that make us stand out from our competitors. In addition to relevant, round-the-clock online news monitoring, we provide:

  • A Done-for-You (DFY) option so you can concentrate on other work while we monitor the Web for news that’s important to you
  • A virtual trio of online crawlers that ensure comprehensive results
  • Monitoring of millions of sites and blogs across the Internet for relevant content
  • Human filtering options
  • Let the experienced, professional team at News Exposure perform comprehensive online media monitoring so you can easily track all relevant Internet mentions of your brand.