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Receive Comprehensive Daily News Briefs

News travels fast and far in our always-on digital world, magnifying its impact. When it’s your company that’s in the news, you need to know. Right or wrong, truth or rumor, it’s critical for you to be aware of and understand what’s being reported, who’s reporting it and where. Your company’s hard-earned reputation may be at stake.

News Exposure is here to deliver your solution. We offer an executive news briefing service that provides C-suite and key management personnel with an exceptional resource in the form of relevant daily, weekly or monthly reports (or for any other time period). Because endless browsing is not an option for busy executives, we monitor all forms of media to collect the news about your company. We will analyze it, quantify it and create detailed summary reports that make it easy for your executive team to know how your company is being portrayed, locally and across the country.

How Our Process Works

Working with us means you always have someone with an ear to the ground paying close attention to what is being said about your brand or company in the media. We comb through an extensive number of outlets, searching for any and all mentions of your enterprise or products. This information is compiled into comprehensive reports that are shared with you and your key decision-makers. You and your management team will be able to stay informed about all the news surrounding your company without having to devote the time and effort to monitoring it yourself.

Our services give you the opportunity to learn a lot about how your brand is perceived in the marketplace. For example, you can find out how consumers react to a new product launch or other initiative. You can see in real-time how your messaging is or isn’t resonating with your intended audience and adjust accordingly. These reports also can be useful when trying to identify new markets you haven’t tapped into yet. For all these reasons and more, it pays to have our experts watching the media for you.

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Benefiting Multiple Business Aspects

Media impressions can be a double-edged sword in the business world. Sorting out the positive from the negative starts with news media monitoring.

Crisis management is an obvious area where this service can be critically important. The ability of your company to respond to a public relations nightmare begins with grasping the magnitude of the crisis and knowing the source or sources of the negative information.

Not all news is bad, however. What’s being reported in the media about your company also can enlighten you to the following:

  • Increase interest among potential investors
  • Lead to intelligent shifts in marketing strategy
  • Boost morale as company achievements are highlighted
  • Provide recognition for individual employees

Is your company effectively getting the word out to share positive news? Receiving a daily press briefing can help your executive team determine the answer, and the next steps to take.

Why News Exposure Is the Right Choice

There’s much more to a media brief from News Exposure than the name implies. While similar reports available elsewhere may be computer-generated, an executive news briefing from News Exposure includes human-curated content and analysis. We create and deliver summary reports that highlight major coverage over the time period designated by your company. Charts and graphs may be included in these news media monitoring reports, and key findings about your media impressions are highlighted.

News Exposure is the content solutions and media analysis company with more expertise and experience than our competitors. We are known for outstanding customer service, 24/7 availability and professionalism.

As a company executive, you know you can’t always control what’s being said about your company. You can control your company’s awareness about these news impressions. To learn more about subscribing to our daily news briefing services, contact us today or request a quote.