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Our news monitoring agency helps you get the word out, discover what is being reported about your company, manage an ongoing crisis, determine the value of your earned media and more. We capture content across the country, so whether your news is local or national, we have you covered!

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Media Monitoring

As a leading brand monitoring agency, News Exposure covers broadcast, print, Internet and social media, and provides metrics that allow you to assess the impact of your media coverage.

Media Analysis

“Do-it-Yourself” analytics allows you to choose your data parameters, including charting and graphing by source, city, state, tone, placement and prominence.

Crisis Management

When a PR issue unfolds — from a product recall to a natural disaster — our social media monitoring company gives you up-to-the-minute media coverage so you can respond in a timely way.

Media Clips

Our digital archive of television, radio and online high-definition and standard-definition clips dates back to 2004. If it aired, it’s probably in our archive!

Research and Reporting

We help you set up, execute and maintain in-depth searches covering broadcast, print and online media. Our media intelligence company also vets and edits reports to meet your content needs.

Media Contacts

Get the word out to the right people. Utilize our extensive, continually updated media contacts database for press release distribution and media pitches.

Creative Services

News Exposure customizes sizzle reels (short demo or promo videos) for our clients. We also edit print and television clips together to produce one-of-a-kind videos.

DFY (Done-for-You)

In addition to tools that allow you to do the work yourself, we also provide a large range of DFY services.

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“My team and I are very pleased with the top-notch digital quality, thorough media monitoring and friendly and dedicated customer service.”

Jim Anthony, Senior Director, Public Relations

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News Exposure


Access to the greatest number of outlets, including online, TV, radio and print, in every market in the U.S.

More knowledge and experience in the industry than our competitors, particularly in broadcast monitoring

DIY (Do-it-Yourself) and DFY (Done-for-You) options available; DFY allows our clients to focus on their work while we do the monitoring

Full team of editors ensures that our clients receive polished, professionally edited news clips

Outstanding customer service — better response times, better quality results and always a human voice

Loggers create handwritten summaries to use alongside closed captioning, improving search efficiency

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About Us

News Exposure is a media monitoring service company specializing in media research, media monitoring services, press release distribution and media analysis. News Exposure created the first HD digital archive in the media monitoring industry with content dating back to 1984. Companies and organizations globally rely on News Exposure for the highest-quality content and customer service in the industry.

Created in 2010 from several former, industry-leading media monitoring companies, News Exposure has grown quickly. With customer service representatives located in every time zone throughout the country, you are always within our reach. Let us show you how our team will exceed your expectations, providing the speed, professionalism, creativity — and live customer support — that you won’t find anywhere else!