Reliable News Clipping Service

Print Media Monitoring

News Exposure scours national and local print sources so you get all the news about your brand that appears in virtually every newspaper and trade journal, while providing you with relevant, timely press clippings from around the corner and around the country. Use our print media monitoring tools and resources to search, archive and share your press clippings yourself, or let us do the job for you!

News Exposure offers the widest coverage of print publications, the most relevant news clips, fast delivery and the backing of our fully staffed research team. Our newspaper clipping service will help you respond quickly to the news, manage a crisis efficiently, augment marketing and PR campaigns, and keep everyone informed.


What We Do For You

Our print media monitoring services help keep you and your key decision-makers informed about your organization’s representation in the printed word. We scan all the most relevant sources each day to find mentions of your company. When we come across instances of your company’s name, products, or services in newspapers, magazines, or trade publications, we clip and compile them into a regular report that we share with you and your key management members.

Whether you’re concerned about the public’s reaction to a new product launch, you want to know how your brand is perceived in the marketplace, or you’re curious about how you’re being discussed with regard to recent industry trends — we’re here for you.

Outsourcing these services to our professionals means no stone will be left unturned, giving you the most accurate assessment of your image. It also means your team will be free to concentrate on more pressing matters while still giving you confidence that you’re getting the full picture. When you choose to work with us, you can depend on reliable, comprehensive, and cost-effective means of monitoring print media.

Why Print Monitoring Is Important

While print may be a less popular information source today than it was in the past, the truth is that many online and broadcast news stories have their origins in newspaper articles. Viewing the original print reporting is invaluable; that’s why News Exposure continues to monitor local and regional newspapers as well as trade publications.

For example, local governments and educational institutions receive a plethora of attention from news-gathering organizations. Because taxpayers want to know how their money is being spent, publications continue to focus investigations on these entities. Our print clipping service makes it easier for these and other enterprises to stay well-informed of what is being said about them and by whom.

What Makes News Exposure Unique?

Our news clipping service offers features that differentiate us from our competitors. These include:

  • Done-for-You (DFY) and Read-for-You (RFY) options
  • As-needed articles available

Let News Exposure help you track your print media coverage so you know what’s appearing in the local and global press about you and your competitors with our comprehensive print media tracking services.