National Media Monitoring

Including All 210 U.S. DMAs

Tuned in to Multiple media Channels

If your company’s goods or services are available nationally, you can safely assume that any news about your business — good or bad — is also being spread nationally. Whether the news is initiated or picked up by a media outlet across the country or going viral through social media sharing, knowing what’s being said and where is essential to your ability to form a strategic response when circumstances dictate. Let the experts at News Exposure monitor media for you. In addition to local media monitoring, we’ll track and report on mentions of your company nationwide, including TV, radio, print and online news. We also monitor social media, and we have an ever-growing database of national media contacts, as well.

U.S. Television Markets Recorded And Monitored

News Exposure records and monitors all 210 television markets (DMAs) in the U.S. (1,100+ stations and 100+ cable channels and networks), and records in more than 150 major radio markets in the U.S. (500+ stations).

And, as the leader in Spanish language broadcast monitoring, we record and monitor Spanish language broadcasts in 34 U.S. television markets, and all major networks.

Why National Media monitoring?

Whether you’re a national business or a PR firm representing one, media monitoring is important and impactful because the information we glean for you is actionable. Knowing what is being reported or shared can help you in myriad ways. These are just a few:

  • Put your crisis management plan into action if a media report or social media rumor threatens your company’s reputation.
  • Turn brand bashing or negative reviews into an opportunity to make product/service improvements.
  • Pay heed to discussions about demand that might lead to opportunities to tap into new markets or create new products or services.
  • Take an industrywide perspective so you can nimbly adjust to what competitors may be saying or doing.