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TV News Monitoring Solutions

The News Exposure team monitors television broadcasts in all 210 Nielsen Media Research DMAs (Designated Market Areas) in the United States (over 1,200 channels, including national networks, cable channels and local markets). This means that wherever coverage of your business or organization appears — from New York City to North Platte, Nebraska — we can find your relevant TV clips as they air and provide the reporting and analysis you need.

Plus, you can utilize our broadcast media monitoring tools to access viewership and publicity value data, review your brand’s coverage against your desired message, keep your C-level executives and shareholders informed, analyze market trends, respond to and manage crises, save and share TV clips for future review, compare coverage across various stations and markets, and discover PR opportunities.


As you know, even with the growing influence of the Internet, approximately half of the U.S. population still get their news and form their opinions from watching television. * That’s why we offer television monitoring services that cover all U.S. markets, no matter how large or small, at all hours of the day and night. While you can monitor the national, local and cable stations in your area, how do you know what’s being said about you on local stations across the country? That’s why you need the services of an experienced, responsive broadcast media monitoring firm such as News Exposure. Leave the TV media monitoring to experienced professionals you can trust.


What Makes News Exposure Different?

Our TV broadcast media monitoring service offers several unique features that make our results among the most powerful and relevant in the industry: 

  • Hand-logged summaries ** that allow names, titles, brands, locations and live reports to be discoverable
  • English-language summaries included for Spanish-language newscasts **
  • Ability to search for TV content dating back to 2002
  • More concise network and syndicated programming results (PR-centric methodology)
  • Do-it-Yourself (DIY) and Done-for-You (DFY) options
  • Preview links that are active for 90 days
  • Permanent HD archive library dating back to 2010 **
  • Permanent SD archive library dating back to 1984 **

** Offered in select major markets only

Get the highest-quality TV clips in the industry — quickly — from even the most remote markets with our reliable tv monitoring services.

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“News Exposure has been an amazing partner with Make-A-Wish Arizona, allowing us to easily share our media success stories with our supporters, our volunteers and especially our wish kids and their families. They are always helpful, answer emails quickly, and provide an informative breakdown of the value of our public relations efforts. We love working with them!”

Hollie Costello, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations
Make-A-Wish® Arizona