International Media Monitoring

Managing Your Brand Globally


If your company has locations and/or markets overseas, you need to monitor international as well as national and local media sources. What is being said about your brand abroad? Do you need help in managing your reputation around the world?

News Exposure is here for you — including if you are a PR firm representing such a company. Due to the changing landscape of global media monitoring, we must tailor international news monitoring solutions for you. The explosive growth of Internet access and use of social media channels has made it easy for users around the world to view, hear and share stories, reports and opinions about your company almost instantaneously. We’ll keep you aware of this activity — and its scope — so your company can act quickly when a response is needed.

Any number of critical actions might be warranted based on information we provide:

  • Implement your crisis management plan if a large-scale negative development is being reported.
  • Launch a product improvement initiative in response to negative reviews.
  • Tap into new markets and other opportunities if indications point to an accelerated demand for your products or services.
  • Develop strategies to stay ahead of the competition based on our monitoring of your industry.


Consumers can get news and even a range of opinions about your company from myriad sources. That’s why our services extend well beyond global broadcast monitoring of TV and radio. We monitor print and online news, as well as social media, including what’s being said by influencers. We’ll help you determine the impact of these mentions, as well. We also keep a database of international media contacts.

We offer not only this wide range of solutions, but also more experience and knowledge than our industry competitors — plus we tailor our services to your specific needs and provide live customer support. Please contact us with your requirements and we’ll be happy to provide you with a custom quote.