News Exposure End of Year Reports

December 1, 2021

There are 35 days left until the end of the year and while it is cliche to say, this year has flown by, I know my colleagues at News Exposure are feeling it too. ..

,We have been working diligently to compile stats for clients who utilize us for analytics showcasing their brands on local and national media during 2021.

This year has provided new challenges as we all adapt to a new marketplace brought on by the pandemic. Communications, as we knew it before COVID-19,  has been flipped on its head. We are relearning the most routine parts of our jobs. From learning new ways to communicate with our audience to learning the importance of tracking metrics on an ongoing basis – there has been a complete shift in the way that communications professionals are operating on a day-to-day basis.

When events came to a standstill during COVID-19 a major part of our business disappeared almost overnight. Since the recovery started this year and events have begun to return we are again hearing from clients and new clients who need monitoring.

“How can we effectively showcase what we did this year?”

“Is there a report that can depict our year in terms of media coverage?”

And, my favorite question we’ve received thus far:

“What options exist out there for end-of-year reporting?”

End-of-year reporting can be an exhausting project. Especially when you haven’t been measuring your impact all year long. Thankfully, News Exposure has a dedicated research and analysis team that will  do this work for you, so you can focus on the new year in front of you. By participating in a simple consultation call about how we will showcase  your 2021 media coverage, and metrics, our team can handle the entire analysis process from start to finish. That means absolutely NO effort from you.

“What if we don’t want a year end report?”

We encounter a number of clients who are unaware of why they should want a year-end report. . The end of a calendar year presents a unique challenge for some teams; how can we spend our unused budget? In some cases, unspent allocated dollars are removed from your budget for the upcoming year, which has a proclivity to shrink your budget for the next year.

On a positive note, there are options. We encourage all of our clients to use their remaining budget on useful and insightful reports. Most media monitoring organizations, like News Exposure, offer solutions beyond reporting to highlight your efforts throughout the year.  News Exposure provides a bevy of pre-paid solutions. Need to wow a client or your executive team with meaningful qualitative insights? Need to highlight prominent news coverage to showcase your PR efforts and outcomes? A consultation with our in-house team allows us to outline the scope of work and customize a solution to align with your needs, objectives, and budget.

The options are endless.. With the custom approach that our team at News Exposure uses in  solving problems – there are so many different ways to prepare for the calendar to turn to 2022 and provide value to your organization.

Interested in getting a report or project started to wrap up your 2021 fiscal year? Schedule a time to talk with us today.  The end of year is fast approaching.

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